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This do make Sir W. Pen the most kind to me that can be. I suppose it is this, lest it should find any opposition from me, but I will not oppose, but promote it. After dinner, with my wife, to the King's house to see The Mayden Queene, a new play of Dryden's, mightily commended for the regularity of it, and the strain and wit; and, the truth is, there is a comical part done by Nell,.

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Save For Later. Create a List. Henry Benjamin Wheatley. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. After dinner, with my wife, to the King's house to see The Mayden Queene, a new play of Dryden's, mightily commended for the regularity of it, and the strain and wit; and, the truth is, there is a comical part done by Nell, ["Her skill increasing with her.

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There is a whole chunk of this book that talks about Anne Toft, Edmond Scarborough and her but he built it?? The court records link Anne and Edmond alot because of this plantation. This book mentions the deeding of property to the 3 daughters, the deposition of Anne's age of 20 in in court, alot of the patents she received, the enterprises that Edmond had at Gargaphia, the court record about the man that attacked Edmond at the plantation, saying that 'he would work no more for Scarburg's whores and bastards' page Lots of good information to support that the 3 daughters where his.

Bob asked me to send you a re-cap of where we seem to be on the Anne Toft connection. I know that some of the things I've sent him have been "undigested" - just "take a look at this and see if it gives you any ideas" sort of thing - and between that and attachments that cannot be opened, it must have been very confusing to follow.

Unfortunately, Anne Toft is probably not the easiest place to start. I gather that this has been an on-going debate, with one faction firmly committed to the identification of Col. Scarbrough as the father of Anne Toft's children, and the other opposed.


The "opposition" seems to be based more upon moral and social considerations than upon an alternative candidate for paternity. The problem with this position, as I see it, is that the presumed societal consequences would have arisen regardless of who the father of the children was, unless the father happened to be Anne Toft's husband. Anne Toft's three daughters were born during the 's and during that same period Anne was involved in various real estate ventures. See, for example, the deeds relating to the "Double Purchase" in which she held an interest with Randall Revell:. Years of legal research make me pretty confident on that part of the question, so I would conclude that Anne Toft was a "single mother" and that either she or her lover had enough power to protect her from being prosecuted for "fornication.

Scarbrough would seem to fit the bill in that regard, and according to at least two of the sources I have viewed, he was the owner of the plantation, Gargaphie, where she lived. The name, incidentally, comes from Ovid's Metamorphoses, III, , and refers to the bower where Diana and her nymphs desported - sounds appropriate to me. Add to this the fact that Mary Littleton Scarbrough was older than her husband in her fifties by the time Anne Toft's children were born and a not unfamiliar pattern emerges. The fact that Anne Toft did not marry until shortly after Col.

Scarbrough's death, as well as the fact that for some reason Mary Littleton Scarbrough was refused letters of administration to her husband's estate I do not know the circumstances, but it was certainly unusual might also be significant.

Taking everything together, I think that the identification of Col Scarbrough as the father of Anne Toft's three daughters holds together quite well and I see that a number of researchers have reached the same conclusion, possibly for different reasons. Putting that with the rest of the Dickerson information, I come up with the attached tree. In some instances by custom a woman could execute contracts independent of her husband as a feme sole trader, but generally legal action was required to establish a married woman's legal separateness from her husband.

See also coverture. Prior to marriage a woman could freely execute a will, enter into contracts, sue or be sued in her own name, and sell or give away her real estate or personal property as she wished. Once she married, however, her legal existence as an individual was suspended under "marital unity," a legal fiction in which the husband and wife were considered a single entity: the husband. The husband exercised almost exclusive power and responsibility and rarely had to consult his wife to make decisions about property matters.

Coverture rendered a woman unable to sue or be sued on her own behalf or to execute a will without her husband's consent and, unless some prior specific provision separating a woman's property from her husband's had been made, stripped a woman of control over real and personal property. Coverture was disassembled in the United States through legislation at the state level beginning in Mississippi in and continuing into the s.

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Thomas Jenifer, who under the old law of primogeniture would inherit all of her former lands, together with the new ones which were then in the joint names of Daniel and Ann Jenifer. Perhaps it may be assumed that Ann became concerned now for the future of her daughters and so prevailed upon her husband to make a definte provision for them.

At any rate, on July 15, , Daniel and his wife Ann "lately called Ann Toft" recorded a document to the effect that 5, acres at Gingoteague were to be set aside for them; Daniel was to retain title. Until the said children shall arrive at their aforesaid severall and respective Ages of seventeen Yeares. Furthermore in case the said Arcadia, Attalanta and Annabella or any of them shall marry before the aforesaid age of seventeen Yeares is arrived without the consent good liking and approbacon of the said Daniell and Anne their Mother Then she or they soe offending shall have noe share nor interest in any of the premises given.

The indenture also set aside for each daughter specified cattle, silver, bed linen, pots, pewter, grain, etc. The share of each daughter was not deeded to her as she became seventeen or married, but on September 9, , Daniel and Anne Jennifer executed a long deed of gift to each of the daughters and their respective husbands, Arcadia and Thomas Welburne, Attalanta and John Osborne of Somerset, and Annabella and Francis Lee of London, formally giving each couple 1, acres along with the personalty promised.

About five months later, Anne signed her last deed for the land with her husband, so she must have died shortly thereafter, and perhaps she had a premonition of the end and saw to it that the deeds were properly recorded before her death.

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Apparently the tract had been surveyed for a division, because the deeds of gave specific courses and distances for each part, and from them it was possible to determine how the land had been divided. Each part was irregular in shape, but each extended from the water front to the back line of the tract, and from south to north they went to the Osbornes, the Lees, and the Welburnes.

They will be reported in that order, and each will be traced from the seaboard westward May - November ; d. Littleton was living She left him 10 ewe sheep N'hamp Co Deeds, Wills, etc. He died young, unmarried and without issue. There were actually 2 Hannahs. She is buried in St. The second Hannah was born c. About her, J. Scarborough says:. John Wise of Devonshire England, b. They were the progenitors of the numerous Wise families of Accomac and the Eastern Shore.

No effort has been made to follow this line, but it is believed that they were married in England before coming to Virginia. He was born Bet. Michael's, Worcester, England, and died Bet. First, Katherine Scarburgh and Katherine Pott are not one and the same persons.

Ideas of the Restoration in English Literature, –71 | SpringerLink

They are two separate unrelated individuals. The controversy that you question has continued for hundreds of years. The most recent arguments coming from an excellent historical study of Northampton and Accomac Counties titled 'Virginia's Eastern Shore' written by Ralph T. Whitelaw in and republished in Whitlaw offers several pages of valuable information concerning Edmund Scarburgh and within this information mentions that Edmund's wife was named Mary.

He goes on to say that Mary was born in or and that she was older than Edmund. Bridgett is known to have married Dr. John Severne and Captain Stephen Charlton, but nothing definite was found about the others, and this writer Whitelaw has a theory that Katherine married Randall Revell, and Mary married Edmund Scarburgh, which might account for the later intimate relations between the two men.

Since Whitlaw published his book several additional researchers have produced significant information that offers proof on Katherine's maiden name. Randall Revell circa married Rebecca Nichols circa Edward Revell their only child was born in Mary's County, Maryland and filed a patent for land. Later, Randall gave up this patent and returned to Virginia where he eventually settled in Pungoteaque and established his estate.

Rebecca died at Pungoteaque. Randall began a romance with Katherine Scarburgh and in late they married. Randall was one of three men offered a position as a land commissioner by Lord Cecil Calvert of Maryland to help settle the Eastern Shore of that province. Under this offer, two of the three men had to reside within the Maryland province. Randall accepted and relocated to what has become Somerset County, Maryland.

When Randall relocated he gave all of his Pungoteaque land holdings to his only son, Edward Revell. Rebecca Nichols also had a son John by a previous marriage. Many researchers have stated that Randall and Rebecca also had two additional sons named John and Richard. Later when recording a land patent dated 27 Jul Randall gives 50 acres of land to Richard Nevill on 25 Aug Both men had been misconstrued to be Randall's sons.

In fact John and Richard accompanied Randall back and forth across the Virginia and Maryland State line on several occasions. Randall returning to Northampton County in Virginia deeded some cattle to my son in law stepson John Nichols April and later in August deeds cattle and horses to his only son Edward. John Nichols oral will leaves his land in Accomac County to his stepbrother and stepsister Randall Jr. Will written 27 May , probated 8 Mar May - November , and died Bet. He was born Abt.