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Common Fee Arrangements
  1. Checklist: lease agreements
  2. Legalese for Renters: How to Review Your Lease
  3. Before You Sign That Lease…
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There are a lot of unknowns when you first meet applicants; performing proper due diligence can mitigate those risks. Finding a new tenant takes time and effort. This single task is typically the most time-consuming for management firms. This is common for areas that have very low or high rents. Managers in low rent areas prefer to make it worth their time. It is important to clarify with management if they have any advertising fees. Management firms might tell you a very competitive leasing fee.

When combined with an advertising fee, the overall charges can become quite expensive. However, if the property is sitting vacant for too long then you might consider self-advertising. Especially since vacancy can start to limit your earnings. The dream scenario for an investor is great tenants that pay on-time and want to renew their lease!

Real Down Payment for Leasing a Car - Extra FEES

The majority of property managers will charge some type of fee for coordinating the lease renewal. It is important to clarify those fees. Here are the most common:. These management companies might consider it a customer experience expense or they factor any annual coordination effort into their monthly fees. They might negotiate increased rent rates as well. There are numerous reasons why a tenant might move out before their lease has expired.

Checklist: lease agreements

The most common are evictions and relocating for work. It is unfortunate when this occurs, but you need to clarify with your property manager their process for replacing that tenant. When you ask this question, often they will state they never have had an eviction. It is important to understand your Property Management Agreement acts as a safety net in case of unfortunate events. The property management firm needs to clarify how often they will charge you a leasing fee in the event tenants move early. The best scenario is charging only 1 leasing fee per year. If the tenants move out, they will not charge you again.

If that is not the case, you need to understand two key variables:. Most commonly they are 0 months, 6 months, or 1 year. New Leasing Fee occurs after a lease has been fully exhausted.

These can be the same rates, but they are different. It can be an expensive year if this happens! Management firms might charge you minimal fees to cover advertising and showings, so have them define that cost in the contract. This will help you understand exactly how much it will cost you every time you get a new tenant or if an existing tenant stays. This is a great way to continue self-managing, especially if you are a distance away.

The three options are hiring:. Real estate agents, especially those new to the industry, will take on lease listings as a way to expand their network. It can be more affordable as well to use them. If you are looking to self-manage but need someone to help lease your rental unit, then consider registering with Burbz.

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You can create your property profile, tell the leasing agent your specific requirements and then receive proposals from interested leasing agents. Burbz marketplace requires all property managers to submit their full fee structures. We believe any successful business starts with transparency, and that often starts with the proposal for fees. You are paying them for a service, so it is important you understand everything you are paying for and which services are included.

If you are seeking property management proposals, Burbz presents proposals from different management firms in an easy to compare format.

Legalese for Renters: How to Review Your Lease

When the lease expires, what are my options? Options are: renewing the lease; trading leased equipment for new equipment; and returning or offering to purchase leased goods. The name required is that of the actual applicant, individual s or company. An incorrect name will delay final settlement of the lease. What is the address of your business or company? This should be the registered address of your business or company and give both your operating and postal addresses if they're different.

Do you have partners or directors? Landlords can ask for names, private addresses and dates of birth of partners or directors in order to complete credit investigations. Are there other names and addresses you may need to provide? You may need to give contact details for your accountant, bank and references.

References should be from suppliers providing credit. What is the nature of your business? This is simply a brief summary of your business operations which will help both parties achieve the right leasing and rental agreement. Will the purchase of equipment be part of your set up? As part of the lease agreement, you could be asked for a detailed description of equipment purchased , complete with serial numbers. Are you aware that ownership of some fixtures or equipment will be included in the terms of the lease agreement?

A written acknowledgement of the landlord's ownership of fixtures or equipment may need to be included as part of the lease agreement. Can you provide an estimate of your leasing requirements for the next twelve months? Estimating your leasing requirements for the next twelve months means lease agreement negotiations can be limited to once a year. How long have you been operating as a business? Landlords are not keen on tenants with little experience. If you're in this category you'll need to provide evidence of a strong cash flow.

Before You Sign That Lease…

If you're negotiating for lease credit, what financial statements can you provide to support your case? Are you aware that by signing the lease, you are legally bound to pay rent and outgoings for the full term of the lease? This financial commitment should be spelt-out in your business plan. An early termination of the lease could be financially devastating. Larger centres often have an over-supply of similar businesses. An accurate picture of your level of competition is necessary for survival. Is there clear identification of the space I'm leasing and all the associated facilities?

You need clear identification of your leased area, parking and delivery facilities, and common areas like walkways.

Ask for a site plan. What are the centre's core trading hours? This may sound obvious but make sure the trading hours match your business and if they don't, ask if there is any room for negotiation. When I'm fitting out the premises, will I have to conform to any fit out rules the centre may have?

Questions & Answers

Fit outs are generally more restrictive for shopping centres. You need to know exactly what is required and what the cost will be. Will I be required to contribute financially to the centre's marketing and promotional activities? If the answer is yes , try to negotiate a reasonable figure. If the answer is no , make sure this is not a hidden addition to the rent.

Does the ownership have plans to redevelop or expand the centre, and could my business be impacted? You're entitled to know how the centre's long-term plans could affect your business; for example, relocation to a less desirable position.

Talk to a Real Estate attorney.

What's next? Leasing business premises Buy a business premises Starting a business workshop. Has the landlord given me all the documents which are legally required by the Retail Leases Act ?