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Nadja Roedig. Wenn du bei diesen 10 Hunden die Rasse erkennst, bist du Profi! Dave Stopera.

Double Occupancy

Anna Borges. Sam Cleal. Einer dieser Pilze wird dich nicht vergiften. Kannst du ihn ausfindig machen? Shelby Heinrich. Stephen LaConte. Sarah Aspler. Unternimm einen Camping-Trip und wir sagen dir, ob du irgendwann heiraten wirst Lass uns mal deine Survival Skills testen! Slayyyter often posts Photobooth photos and videos of herself obscured beneath layers of filters and visual effects. Sometimes she's juuling, and other times, she's photoshopped into referential collages of Lindsay Lohan and other infamous late '00s figures wearing Juicy Couture sweatpants like in the one she submitted to PAPER.

When her body is visible, more often than not, Slayyyter shows skin because as everyone knows, sex sells. She's a master at shameless self-promotion, almost always trading in sex jokes as a plea for streams on Twitter and Instagram. In describing her aesthetic, Slayyyter said last year, "I love pop culture.

Ideas about Love

My favorite Twitter account for the longest time is Pop Culture Died in I love everything like that. It's fun and silly. I love the color pink, Barbie, that kind of stuff. And of course I love The Simple Life. How could you not? While Slayyyter's hyper-meta indulgence in pop culture tropes is well-received by her growing fanbase, the pop artist's online sexual expression sometimes yields a range of more negative responses, Slayyyter says, from male creeps who quickly get blocked to women like "Carol," a troll who once replied to a picture of Slayyyter's cleavage with the comment: "Does she have to wear her underwear to sell her songs??

Why is she posing like that??? Cheap and nasty!! But sometimes the comments are more vicious, and specific. She tells me that one woman in a Reddit thread said her eyes were too far apart and her nose was too big. But even those she makes light of. Comments that could otherwise be intended to harm are often deliberately interpreted by Slayyyter as compliments, with a knowing wink to her large queer following. As a self-described "Twitter comedian," she's always down to take the piss out of herself, if less because she likes to, than because she has to.

It's honestly such an honor to be thought of in the same breath as Britney Spears.

In person, Slayyyter's a shyer version of the sexed-up cyborg she presents as inside our phones. It prompts so many questions: Is Slayyyter real, or is she fucking with us? And what is "real" on the internet in , when scams, catfishing , and fake stories are compelling enough to lure millions of eyes and prompt lucrative TV and film deals? Standing in the sunshine outside our shoot, as if to show just how real she is, Slayyyter holds up her wrists to reveal a runny spray tan.

Growing up, Slayyyter says she wasn't the most popular girl in school, but was a "known fag hag" who loved to sing and dance in talent shows. Earlier this summer, she kicked off her mini-tour with two performances at Elsewhere in Brooklyn. Clearly, this is a long way from Slayyyter's uncomfortable youth of being booed and, like many young queer people coming into their own, coming to terms with her sexuality. Her year spent trying to fit in with sorority girls at Mizzou didn't help, and she eventually dropped out. Now an openly bisexual woman, having a visibly queer fanbase reassures Slayyyter that all those years of self-doubt stood in the way of what was most important: writing the music she heard in her head, where she knew her sexuality, at least, had a safe home.

Though Slayyyter's current status as internet pop queen has been hard-earned, she hasn't done it all alone. Slayyyter says that for her mixtape, she's been "lucky" to work with a range of underground internet upstarts, including Robokid , Ayesha Erotica, That Kid, Guard, Donatachi, and others.

Together, they are part of a resurgence of fan-forum culture, where stans take to message boards like Reddit to disseminate everything from leaks to breathless adoration for their stars.

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  • Slayyyter's followers also dream up collaborations or ruminate on as-yet-unheard ones. That said, the music comprising Slayyyter is practically designed for internet fandemonium, as Slayyyter's producers smartly mix together modern, glitched out hyper-pop with youthful early aughts nostalgia. With the help of her collaborators, Slayyyter has created her Britney-esque avatar across several eras: there's "Devil," an updated riff on "I'm a Slave 4 U," complete with rhythmic, breathy panting and a grimy snake-charmer beat.

    There's also a touch of Lady Gaga's "Heavy Metal Lover" on "Motorcycle," which finds Slayyyter having the hots for dudes — or chicks — on bikes.

    Lana Del Rey - Love (Official Music Video)

    It's also what inspired this shoot; she rhymes "black hair streaks" with "you're my Rock of Love , I'm your biker queen. But it is truly Slayyyter's voice, Britney-fied as it might be, and commitment to pop authorship that sells the entire project.

    Deep Love Quotes: For When You Can’t Find The Words To Express How You Feel

    Like, yes, I write my own shit. I co-write, too! And yes, I love rock music and I also play guitar and I sing. I love a good lip-sync as much as anyone, but I sing live. And even if I did none of those things, it doesn't make me any less legit. But of course we all know that kind of criticism is reserved for women who make pop music.

    No one comes for male artists like that. The importance of authorship was driven home for Slayyyter by Taylor Swift. Like many, Slayyyter closely followed the on-going controversy surrounding Swift's masters — songs from her six-album catalog on her former label home, Big Machine Records, that were bought by Scooter Braun. It shouldn't be that way. Women should absolutely have the rights to what they create.

    It's like, how could they buy her music from her like that? She wrote all those songs and is the reason any of those men get to line their pockets, let's be real. For now, while Slayyyter is still independent and calling the shots on her own career, she's making sure her story and music are not defined by anyone else but her. Though, someday, she'd admittedly love a major-label budget to fund her vision, but not interfere. So far, that's been my story, and I hope it continues that way.