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Each book I read of Cameron highlights how he is changing as an author, writing new and unique material that is unexpected and totally welcome, as well as including all of his trademark elements.

Chemistry of Game of Thrones' Valyrian steel sword

These books are so readable because of the incredible variety of scenes, set-pieces, politics and characters that are within them. Dark Forge followed Aranthur and the friends he made as he became someone important. Bright Steel continues with Aranthur, exploring the strange and brilliant arc that he has been through. He is a young man who wants to be the best he can be, for himself and those he loves. And he is painfully aware of how the path he leads can easily turn him into an ill-hearted man.

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He wants to be loyal and generous, kind, to not kill, but he finds himself in scenarios that push his morality. I loved the scenes that explored his awareness of his actions, and the conversations he had with characters about these situations. The cast behind Aranthur also make this one of my favourite fantasy books to date.

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Those who readers have grown to love since Book 1, such as Dahlia, Kallatronis and Drako, each have their individual impacts upon this book. As they assist Aranthur and work through betrayals, dire scenarios and joyful occasions as friends, they only added to the story. I have found myself each day longing to get back to reading this story. It captivated me so much that I actually missed my bus stop on TWO occasions. It was worth the extra walking which I also did whilst reading. I believe I would have enjoyed a refreshment in the specific technical terminology.

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One thing that I am usually not a fan of is magic and magical lore. However, this story portrayed the magic in such a way that it felt authentic and real, and I loved the scenes where magic was explored. Thank you so much to Gollancz for the opportunity to read this amazing story early, and be involved in the blog tour!

But once your blades touch, you must go forward until you conquer or die. Bright Steel is a story of friendship, the complications of how simple choices affect your life in ways you could not imagine, and how swords in books will never ever get old or boring. Fantastic storytelling. View all 4 comments.

Brilliant Normally I had read only his historical fiction work but this series was amazing, it had everything and shows he is just as good at fantasy as he is in fiction. Bravo Mr Cameron, now get the head down and write us some more. Sep 09, Barry Mulvany rated it really liked it.

Bright Steel (Masters & Mages, #3) by Miles Cameron

A good if somewhat rushed end to the series. Again we start pretty much where we left off at the end of the last book.

As usual I won't go into too many details this being the final book of the series. This book contained elements of both previous books. The first was Aranthur getting used to the city and the politics, the second was a military campaign. This contains both as the first part of the book is back in the city and dealing with the ambitions of certain factions there. The second part i A good if somewhat rushed end to the series.

The second part is again back on the front dealing with the campaigns to tackle the Old Ones and the Pure.

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All the elements that I enjoyed in the first two books are still present. The fight scenes are astounding with the stakes raised even higher as we start dealing with even stranger situations and beings. Our characters are still growing and maturing until you see they have become truly different. However I think this is also one of its weaknesses. Being so action packed and over such a short period of time in universe I think it is missing some down time for these changes to feel more earned. There just has not been enough time for reflection. What I loved about the first book was its moments of almost slice of life mixed with action and that has been missing mostly in these later two books.

Don't get me wrong I still loved these books but maybe not quite as much as the first. My other niggle is that the end felt rushed. Things lined up rather too conveniently and I think the whole book could have done with another hundred pages or so to bring in some more character based moments and to expand the end as it just ended far too easily and there was almost no follow on at the end to see where our group ended.

I really hope that there are further ideas for this world and these characters as I still have quite a few questions that I would like to see answered. It might seem I have a lot of complaints but mainly I just really enjoyed this.

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  • I loved that there was a reunion moment in the Inn where it all began, those sort of moments are always enjoyable. The history and magic system of this world became a lot clearer and is very interesting. This is a great series and it looks like I'm going to have to get to his previous series at some stage so the TBR mountain continues to grow! Sep 08, Sam Davis rated it it was amazing. I finished this book last night! What a great story. I really enjoyed the main character Aranthur and well, all the characters, really. Dahlia is essentially someone who could leap out of an Alexander Dumas swashbuckling tale.

    Additionally, I really enjoy the magical elements of the story. I have enjoyed every other story by this author. Seriously, pick up these novels! It feels like the story was originally planned as books but has been edited to be finished in 3 books. I cannot help but feel like a lot of things have been fast forwarded or just briefly told. It was a very enjoyable story nonetheless.

    A good ending to the trilogy. This book blends the best parts of book 1 and book 2, and as such it was highly entertaining. It was thrilling to read this coming-of-age story, filled with grit, humour, action, magic, and camaraderie. Cameron's elegant writing carries the story in an enthusiastic manner, and this 'saving of the world from evil' tale is fastidious, and filled with all the interesting flaws that makes a fantasy story delightful in its own way.

    There are grim and dark moments juxtapo A good ending to the trilogy. There are grim and dark moments juxtaposed with happy and light moments that kept the balance in a nice way. This entire trilogy is one man's journey. Aranthur, here reveals the best version of himself, with all his doubts, confidence, determination, and the struggle he goes through as a leader.

    He believes in good, despite all the bad he has seen and come through. His reluctant leadership, his relationships with the people he meets, his friends, and the effect he has on everyone he comes into touch with, him bearing the responsibility to save the world, and keep his loved ones safe marks his full transition to a hero in this book. He doesn't fret about his tasks, but accepts it with a stoic purpose keeping the basic sense of compassion, love, and duty simultaneously. The ending was beautiful and satisfying. In a manner of speaking, I found it to be aesthetically pleasing in terms of narrative ingenuity.

    I loved the twist with Aranthur's magical sword at the end. It was awesome. Cameron finished the tale with an archetypal motif of a ritual, a ritual that binds people together to this world, a ritual of love and hope, and that's the most potent of all magics. I hope the author returns to visit this world again, because the end hinted at possibilities of more stories to be told. Sep 03, Connor rated it it was amazing. At first I was a little hesitant when I picked up Cold Iron, something about a coming of age story about a student didn't draw me in like the appeal of Cameron's other work.

    Never the less I took the plunge and was delighted to find I loved it, to the point where I couldn't put it down. And here we are, two books later with Bright Steel, at the end of the trilogy that has me wishing for more. Cameron consistently proves he is a master at drawing you into his world with its dynamic power struggles At first I was a little hesitant when I picked up Cold Iron, something about a coming of age story about a student didn't draw me in like the appeal of Cameron's other work.

    Cameron consistently proves he is a master at drawing you into his world with its dynamic power struggles and real life tropes embedded deeply into the heart of his fantasy world. The plot is brilliantly engaging and has you learning more of this world and intricate magic system as it progresses. The fight scenes and politicking alike kept me on edge and willed me to keep reading further despite the knowledge that I'd struggle at work from my lack of sleep.

    Alex Rider Series

    Overall, this story was fun and Intense that has you rolling with the punches and just wondering how everything will all end, at the same time as wishing for more pages. I hope to see the world of Masters and Mages again in the not so distant future. Somehow unsatisfying Felt like the last red Knight book, with an all knowing hero saving the world in very similar circumstances. Left me somehow unsatisfied. There were also a lot of very similar large magical fights, which dragged on after a while.

    This is an odd feeling as it's the first Cameron book I haven't flat out loved. Good read Enjoyed the book but it was difficult to remember where exactly the previous book picked up without any reintroduction into the minor characters and various factions. I found the plot to be interesting and the action very well written, but again without being and to recall some of the previous characters and plotlines it was slight confusing.

    Oct 01, Carl Phillips rated it it was amazing. I have been waiting for this for months and ended up reading it in a day and a half and loved every second of it.